Using digitalisation the right way to provide insight and efficiency in processes. This means collecting and processing data with a critical view on what is necessary and valuable. The safety manager that works with an user friendly and efficient system, can be on the shop floor to help his people. This helps the development of the right safety culture and in the development of good working processes. 

Safe & Sustainable has implemented the Gensuite platform for 82 manufacturing sites worldwide for Essity. By doing that a lot of experience has been build in how to implement succesfully and the different needs of the various stakeholders.

The Gensuite platform holds a huge amount of different applications that can be build to just the platform that a company needs. It is build by people out of the HSE workfield and with practical experience. They understand what the HSE workers of today need and are looking for. The collected data can be processed to trends and figures that will help management to understand the direction and where to put the needed effort to get to the safety results they are looking for.


Now and on the long run, have happy employees that work in a healthy and safe way.

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Be innovative and always the first in a continuous changing market that deals with challenges like climate change.

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