Safe & Sustainable acknowledges that digitalization is necessary to make the next steps. To measure is to know and no data no talk. But that date must not just be collected, but provide the right value and used well. Different platforms that communicate badly and unfriendly systems tot he user, no fit for its usage, to complicated, etc., do not help to improve safety and environmental consciousness in a company, but keep the safety manager busy at his desk to create data that is not used very well. As a consequence the safety manager is not where he/she should be, which is on the shop floor.

Safe & Sustainable has done the selection and implementation for a big multinational (Essity) for a HSE System to implement for the total manufactoring organization (82 factories worldwide). The selection process has lead to Gensuite LLC because this is a very extended platform with lots of environment/safety tools and is build by HSE people. People that understand the needs of the user on different levels in the organization to make the work simpler and create meaningfull data that can be used to specify the internal safety program to what is needed. Gensuite is a young dynamic organization that is cooperative in the wishes of an organization and can integrate their platform with other existing systems.  

The experience of Safe & Sustainable is not only limited to Gensuite but also other systems like IMA online, Ultimo, Stoffenmanagers (Dutch systems), and SHE, Enablon, Intelex and others. By the experience of Safe & Sustainable the implementation of a system becomes easier, acceptance by the users is created and goals are actually met. Unfortunately we see still that by acquiring a system this does not mean the system is being used. With the risk that the money is lost and old systems are still being used (Excel etc.). Safe & Sustainable can be your partner in the implementation of an HSE system.

Nieuw: RI&E Ready Platform

Safe & Sustainable introduceert een RI&E die onderdeel is van de totale bedrijfsvoering, focust op de juiste risico’s en altijd up to date is. 

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