Safe & Sustainable is founded by Mrs. Joop Salomons, who is very experienced in the HSE workfield, starting as an environmental engineer and has now over 25 years of experience in all kinds of HSE work, jobs and activities. Starting of as environmental consultant and a long term employment at Procter and Gamble and Essity (formal SCA), she has developed herself to an expert on the total HSE area with specific expertise on ATEX, Machine safety and ergonomy.

She has developed Process Safety Studies and projects for Safety culture change management in a natural way building on what is already working well in companies and what the existing culture is like, and successful. Besides that she has a extended network and works together with partners as Tebodin Bilfinger and Gensuite as well as others and she can make sure that the right people and means are found to support. As a small company low overhead costs allows also the costs fully in agreement with your needs and extention and duration of the assignment.

Safe & Sustainable is located in Emmen, The Netherlands.

“From a personal passion and drive for man and environment I want to contribute to the live of people and the world we live in. From a personal interest I have studied in sustainability issues and how to adapt that to the businesses of today. From a personal drive to balance and finding a meaningfull live I did a yoga education and became a yoga teacher. This is not only proven tob e benficial to my personal life, but als in the work I do. Do it step by step and small successes are to be celebrated. In consuming less, creating a zero energy house or zero waste.

In short: multideminsional, always trying to find change journeys that create more sustainability and energyt, both personal, businesswise and in small and larger scales.”

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Now and on the long run, have happy employees that work in a healthy and safe way.

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Be innovative and always the first in a continuous changing market that deals with challenges like climate change.

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Using data smart and effective that support keeping your safety responsible people on the shop floor.

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